Our  Dog  Family

These are 7th generation Black Magic dogs.  They all produce classic, old-fashioned GSD puppies.
Some live with us and some with other families.   You can trace their family history here 
and you can see many more of the dogs in our bloodlines (like Judah and Ali and Sunday)  here 
 Black Magic's Bacchus of Salhaus 
Bacchus grew up on Virg and Brian's farm with two dogs, chickens and sheep. He has an excellent temperament and is VERY handsome!  He loves kids and is good with just about everything and everyone. A very intelligent dog! But most of all super sweet.   He has produced incredible pups for us, including several service and SAR dogs. Bacchus is 120 lbs. He is Penn hipped at better than average, OFA good, with ofa clear elbows   AKC registered  DM clear
 Sasha is our beautiful, super athletic plush coat black girl. Her mom is Black Magic's Kissimmee and her sire is Judah.  Sasha is a fun girl! She plays well with other dogs and is careful with the puppies and babies.  She is probably the absolute sweetest GSD we have ever seen. Don't be fooled by Sasha's color!  She produces gorgeous traditional black and tan, black and silver, and white pups. And some stunning BLUES! Some of the best whites we've ever seen!  Her pups are our 8th generation and have good size and terrific conformation.  She is CKC, penn-hipped above average.  Client-owned in OR.         See Sasha's page HERE
Black Magic's Sweet Karma
Karma is out of  Black Magic's Sweet Sugar Bear and our stud dog Max. She's a full sister to Mate, Miley Cyrus' dog.  Karma is a big girl! She is very solid and athletic. She takes good care of her three girls and the chickens. A very affectionate dog that loves to play and clown around. Karma's litters with Bacchus are turning out extremely well. The pups are bright and easy to train. This is a good working line.  (Her sire and dam both have their CGC degree.) All of the pups in her first litter are over 100 lbs at 1 year old!  Some are 125 lbs now.They are great in obedience and therapy work. Our Moonshine is a Karma-Bacchus daughter. Karma is client-owned in northern CAShe is penn-hipped above average.  

Black Magic's Miriam of Salhaus
Miriam is the epitome of the classic, old-fashioned German Shepherd. She had some fabulous pups for us and is now retired. She is the dam of Luke aka Captain Morgan, and Guinness.
Black Magic's Amazing Grace of Salhaus  (Gracie)
Gracie's the babysitter here at Black Magic, and she's the best working dog we've ever had. SO easy to train! She loves to be asked to do anything at all. Super smart! Her sire is one of the biggest GSDs we've seen in years; he's extremely athletic and has ofa good hips. Her mom, Pony, is huge,super sweet, and a fabulous producer. So Gracie has it all! She's extremely intelligent, loves to please, and is affectionate and faithful.  Love our Gracie! OFA excellent hips.
Gracie had her one litter and is retired now but watch for her daughter Lola.  Gracie lives in CA with her son Lucca and Tobin James.  They are our breed representatives.     DM and RD clear.
Black Magic's Stella  
 a Kitty - Bacchus daughter! (Tobin's older sister)
   DM clear.
 Our lovely Miss Stella has been retired and is living happily in Arizona.

Black Magic's 
Black Magic's Sasha
Love Bacchus' big head and sweet nature! He is great with other dogs.
Grandpa to lots of our great dogs and Bacchus' sire:  Diesel, Shelley Libby's wonderful stud at Salhaus.

  Black Magic's Joshua
"Shua" is Mija's full brother.  He is a big, tall, classic GSD who has that "police dog look".  He loves his kids and will play with a ball all day long.   Shua is naturally protective and takes care of his family.  Still long-legged and has a ways to grow -  he should mature at about 115 lbs.   Great hips! He is a PTSD service dog.

Another wonderful Salhaus dog,Midas, the sire of our Mija and Joshua. He's a happy, totally classic and handsome boy!
NOT RETIRED - standing at Salhaus.
MIDAS aka Salhaus' Touch of Gold
Black Magic's Mojito of Salhaus aka Mija
Mija is a real favorite at Black Magic. She has a great sense of humor. (like Cinna!)  On the right, she's the one in front. She loves Guinness and Gracie... she's just a social girl! She has a great personality; she is very soft and extremely playful. She's a sweet dog who can amuse herself all day long, but she loves to play with her aunt Gracie! She's from Gracie's sister Journey, and Diesel son Midas, from Salhaus. Both have excellent hips.   Mija was 105 lbs at 1 year. She is penn hipped at 80th percentile and in the 20s, perfect!
She is also OFA prelimned good. She lives with Jamison.
Black Magic's Moonshine
See Karma's page HERE
Lucca is the son of Gracie (OFA excellent) and Bacchus. He's just under 100 lbs at 11 months old. Without question, he is the nicest white GSD we have ever seen. Perfect conformation  and perfect temperament. Our boys Lucca and
Tobin are the best of friends.  Altho
 Lucca was not raised with children, he is sweet  and good with them. He keeps a close eye on the toddlers for us. Hips are OFA good. Lucca is the full brother of Lola and Cinna.

Our retired dogs
Moonshine is a fabulous Karma daughter. Bacchus is her sire. Those two have produced many incredibly nice pups together and this is one of them. Moonshine is a super sweet big girl who loves to please. She has a soft temperament and is very playful. Good hips, clear for DM.  She's a very nurturing dog and passes that onto her pups. Raised in a household with toddlers, she's a terrific family dog.   Big and plush coated. We get great reports back from folks that have her brothers and sisters.   
Black Magic's Jamison VF
Jamison is our wonderful family dog. He is a gorgeous deep red and black, very traditional. A great ball dog who LOVES his sticks. He is so sweet with the toddlers; a very kind dog, and a great guard dog. Quiet and calm in the house.  He produces some gorgeous classic and exotic color pups.. He has perfect hips and good DM score.
 Gracie and Bacchus produced a fabulous litter, and we kept Lola (Love Potion) to carry on our lines. With Gracie's OFA excellent hips, and Bacchus' history of making incredibly good dogs, their pups are very special. Lola is big, smart and beautiful! She has a gorgeous, luxurious coat. 108 lbs and beautiful hips.
Black Magic's Love Potion  aka  LOLA
Black Magic's Cinnamon Schnapps  (Cinna)
Tamar is a wonderful girl with a lovely temperament. She is sweet and kind. Her mom is a short coat black and tan Bacchus daughter, and her sire Judah is a long coat, so we get a variety of coats and colors from her. Her first litter with Jamison produced exceptional pups! Tamar has perfect conformation, good hips, and is very athletic even though she is more than 100 lbs. She has had white, blue and solid black pups as well as traditional black and tan,  and a service dog from her first litter.    Registered CKC
Black Magic's Lucca
    (Bringer of Light)
One of Stella's awesome puppies.
Mija - lovely flat back!  She loves her girlfriends Gracie and Guinness.
This is Bravo at just six months. He is a lovely pup out of Sasha and Bacchus - both of whom have given us several litters of outstanding pups (grown up into excellent dogs)  He'll get all his tests done this year then watch for Bravo pups!

      Black Magic German Shepherds
Cinna has OFA prelim good hips, is DM clear and is 107 pounds at 2 years old.
She is Lola's full sister: a Gracie and Bacchus daughter. Retired early to be a dearly beloved pet as we have Lola to breed.

Lola is a fun girl who loves adventure. One of her favorite things is to play on the playground equipment. She is quite athletic!  She also loves playing with her toddlers, and with Jamison. She grew up with Mija and now lives with Argus in the Pacific Northwest.  Lola produces 
spectacular black and tan pups and also some of our best whites. She already has pups training for therapy dogs out of her first litter.
Argus and Lola enjoying some time together in front of the fire.  Both dogs are well over 100 lbs and not done growing yet.
                                Meet our new boy 
                      Black Magic's Brave Justice
                                   aka Bravo
Black Magic's Golden Argus  "Gus"
Gus is a very special boy out of Mija and Jamison. Both of his parents are black and tan, so he is a good solid white without too many recessive genes.  He has a great temperament; loves people and loves to play. He is very good with children, like his parents.  Gus is well over 100 lbs and is OFA good.    Still growing!
A young Gus shows his excellent conformation. Gorgeous color, as well!  He is just a lovely boy in every way.
Sunny, a 9 week old pup sired by Jamison. Out of Mija. Just a great example of what Jamison produces. 
  Some notes about color:
 Our black and our white dogs produce mostly classic black and tan pups. So when you look at them, evaluate for conformation and temperament, not color.  We are not color breeders; our top criteria is good health and temperament.
Joshua is super patient with babies and toddlers; extremely trustworthy.