Black Magic German Shepherds
       More of Our Dog Family

Elijah - Israel's Prophet of PST 2000-2012
This magnificent dog was the epitomy of the classic German Shepherd. Big, faithful, fearless - everything you want in a dog. A great family protector, a fantastic producer, a sweet and affectionate companion. His spirit lives on in his lovely pups.
Here's your chance to see the dogs that are in your puppy's lines. We are on our 7th generation now!..
Israel's Lion of JUDAH
Elijah is Judah's grandfather.  Judah is a very large, tall male with an excellent temperament. Great with kids and puppies. He has sired some outstanding litters for us. Judah belongs to Christy and lives in Northern California.   OFA  hips

Black Magic's Bacchus
​One of the best stud dogs ever; he reproduces his fabulous temperament, hips, and matter who he is bred to. Nearly flawless.  OFA good
Black Magic's Leo
Leo (right) is one of our foundation males. He is Elijah's father. Leo was a big boy, 122 pounds, with that great flat back, big head and a fabulous temperament. He sired some fantastic litters and his lines run thru many of our pedigrees.
OFA good.  
Black Magic's Ariyah  - This gorgeous BIG classic girl has thrown some really nice puppies.  She has a wonderful temperament and is patient and kind with children. She's the daughter of Karma and Bacchus.  Penn hipped.
A very classic German Shepherd!
Black Magic's
This beautiful girl had some great pups for us. She's the daughter of Max and Bella. Kissy is Sasha's mom.
OFA good.
Black Magic's Bella
Bella is Kissimme's dam. She lives with Lewie in N.C. and has had some great litters for us. She has a wonderful temperament and is a very solid, correct dog. As smart as she is beautiful!
Kitty is a huge favorite of ours.  She was such a terrific mom - she had  big litters and absolutely fabulous puppies. She is a tank - at least 110 lbs and very solid. Kitty is a charming dog who is great with babies and loves people. She is a good watchdog but totally dependable around children. Elijah is her dad and Lilly her mom - Black Magic dogs that went back to Leo and Ali. Seven generations of old-fashioned German Shepherds!
Black Magic's Good Kitty
Sprague's Maximum Ride of Black Magic
Max was our blue stud dog who gave us a lot of great puppies. He is retired but doing well.
Black Magic's Sunday Sugar
Sunday is one of our great foundation dogs. We got so many wonderful pups from her! She was a huge plush coat with a great temperament.
Black Magic's Ebony Israel - Lily made us a lot of great pups with Elijah. These are Good Kitty's parents, also Apollo, and a lot of wonderful other dogs.
Irish -  Salhaus' huge foundation female who our original Kitty is out of. Irish in her prime was over 120 lbs and what a great dog she was!
Black Magic's Ali -  Ali was a very special dog in our family. 
He had an incredible temperament - keeping the family safe yet so sweet and gentle with puppies and babies. One of our biggest dogs ever, Ali was more than 130 pounds and not fat. Some of our best dogs now have Ali in their pedigree.