Black Magic German Shepherds
Trained Pups 

All of our pups are started from birth using what is now called "super puppy" training.  We've been doing it for 30 years, and we constantly re-evaluate our training for maximum results.  Our puppy training is based on marker training: all of us have studied with Michael Ellis.
What we also offer is extended puppy training, where you can opt to have your pup stay for extra time, usually 2-4 weeks.   You must arrange this well in advance as we do only two pups maximum per litter.
There is a 2 week minimum on puppy training, and a non-refundable 200. deposit per week to book.
For young puppies we train all breeds.   For adult training please contact us to discuss what you need.
We can teach your dog to do anything from obedience, to service dog, PTSD training, etc.
      Puppies in training get vaccines when needed.

We offer vacation board/ training for Black Magic dogs only :  Contact us for rates.
​Contact us for training for non-Black Magic dogs, we take them on an individual basis.

Training levels

Training fees:  1000. per week for Black Magic dogs.  Private treaty for non Black Magic dogs.  (ask)
(why?  Because all Black Magic puppies receive at least 30 hours of puppy training prior to 8 weeks of age)

Training Level ONE -  two weeks training

 RECALL - pup comes when you call them

Beginning FOCUS - puppy starts to learn to keep track of you 

INTRODUCTION TO STRANGERS -  Learning that humans of all sizes and ages are good.

INTRODUCTION TO NEW DOGS -  A safe introduction to neutral dogs who won’t scare the pup

CAR RIDES -  more time in the car

SIT -  Also part of recall and sit, and sit for treats

CRATE TRAINING -  done gradually at this age, with increasing time each day

EX PENS - so you can take your pup traveling or around the house with safe containment

WALKING ON A HARNESS  - your pup learns to be comfortable going out in their harness

BEGINNING POTTY TRAINING -  working towards crating all night, as fast as their bladders mature

WELL ESTABLISHED NO BITE - our pups are well started on this at 8 weeks, we just finish it

SMALL DOG PLAY - learning how to play with small breed dogs using our own neutral dogs

Training Level one costs $2000. for 2 weeks training for Black Magic pups, $3000. for all other pups

Training level two - Four weeks of training

FOUR weeks of training -  8 weeks to 12 weeks   4000.       (not a Black Magic dog? 5000.)
All the above plus this:

RELIABLE RECALL USING MARKERS  - Puppy learns about markers and immediately recalls

RECALL WITH SIT -  pup will come to you and sit

FOCUS   -  Puppy learns to keep their attention on you and can go for a walk off harness and still recall reliably

CRATE TRAINING OVERNIGHT  -  At the the end of this training your pup can sleep for 8 hours in a crate

POTTY TRAINING - Pup knows to go outside to go potty

CAR RIDES WITH DESTINATION TRAINING  - We take your pup on drives to safe places to get out and socialize

INTRODUCTION TO STRANGE PLACES -  Pup will meet groups of people outside of their home

WATER FEATURES -  Pup will be introduced to water play

FOLLOWING - Pup learns to follow you on or off harness

SIT - taught with markers

KENNEL UP - Pup learns to go into crate when asked

PLACE OR TOUCH  - Pup learns to touch object when asked, which can be redirected to putting them on their beds or wherever you want them to go.

INTRODUCTION TO STRANGE BIG DOGS - learning how to behave around dogs they don't know

MANNERS - pups learn to wait at the door and not run thru, no jumping on you, and so much more

​                                                      Puppy Training package 3

                                                                Service, Therapy Dog, SAR prep

This is priced per training goal.  We can do the prep training for you, which is basic obedience and groundwork
in your field.  Or we can do a finished dog for you.  (Therapy and Service dog only;  SAR takes a year)

We can also do a completely obedience trained dog for you. This training will not start before the pup is
six months old.  This is usually a 1-3 month course and is done with markers, no pinch or E collars.
Owners must participate in a minimum of a day’s training at the end of the course, and be willing to study
marker training prior to the puppy going home.  One day of owner training is included in all package 3 courses.

We have a very skilled team of trainers who train pups, and also service and therapy dogs. Contact us for more details on SERVICE dogs.    We train both Black Magic dogs and all other breeds, see below for details.
Learning the "touch" command
Introduction to wildlife..
Learning appropriate behavior with our pack of neutral dogs.
Our pups always spend time with children.
A Black Magic dog training for
 SAR helicopter training.
We offer puppy training on every litter but it does book up fast.The pups are trained in-house; we only do 2 per litter.