Black Magic's Sweet Sasha 

  Sasha is a 7th generation Black Magic girl.   If you are looking for a very bright, athletic dog that loves to snuggle, this is what Sasha produces. Intelligent dogs that want to please.  We prefer them to go to families who enjoy activities with the dogs. They won't be high drive, just dogs that love to play. Sasha is calm and well-mannered in the house.She takes fantastic care of toddlers! Sasha pups are beautiful, both short and plush coats. Their stunning colors are just a bonus! 
                                             Here are some of Sasha's pups
Sasha has fantastic conformation, which she passes on. She is also the sweetest dog!  But she definitely protects her children, whether they are at home or out in the stroller. She is penn-hipped, athletic, and very healthy. She has both long and short coat pups of extreme beauty.
Judah is Sasha's sire. He is a huge male with a fabulous temperament.  OFA good.
Kissy is Sasha's dam. She is an exotic black and cream.  Short coat.   OFA good.
Mary is a sister to Sasha from a later litter.
Stelyos is a beautiful black and tan brother to Sasha.  Like all the pups in that bloodline, he has a great temperament and is wonderful with kids.
Sadie is Sasha's sister.  She is an exotic beauty who has a wonderful temperament. Her owners say she is perfect!  She is a bi-color.
This is Kato, Sasha's Uncle. He's a Diesel son. A very classic GSD and a great working dog.
Grizzly is Sasha's very big, handsome Uncle!
Sasha's relatives
Sasha and Diesel's pups
Sasha has white, blue, black and silver, black, and black and tan. Some short coats,some plush. All really great pups! They are good sized with very correct conformation.
Indi, (on right) is one of Sasha's adorable white pups. 
Shiloh, Shane's gorgeous Sasha daughter in Search and Rescue training.
Mercy (left) is a stunning Sasha daughter. Plush coat, 93 lbs. A charming girl!
Sadie, a beautiful young Sasha girl. Gorgeous and so sweet! 80 pounds and not grown up yet.
 Chance is a gorgeous black and cream Sasha pup from Jamison (at 5 months)
Rocky is a stunning 5 month old male from Sasha and Jamison
Sasha's white plush coat girl Lucy
Sasha's 5 week old BLUE girl
long coat. Just Gorgeous!!